Machine Learning at scale

Leverage your data to give you a sustainable
competitive advantage

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Your company's operational data is plentiful

Are you taking advantage of it wisely? Are you using it to generate demand, manage your infrastructure efficiently, and ensure resilience in your operations? Are you doing it at scale?


At Solecular, we created Maxwell to help you synthesize, analyze, and make the most of your existing data. Maxwell can empower your operations team to unleash the power of machine learning at scale. No tinkering, no need to manually try different approaches, and no manual tuning of models.

Protect profits, lower costs,
improve performance and
increase resiliency

Maxwell leverages internal and external sources of data to identify:
  • Revenue growth impediments
  • Potential infrastructure risks
  • Changes that will help your business increase revenue and decrease costs
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Working with Solecular is easy


Our team of experts can configure solutions to fit your individual business needs; we then implement a customized onboarding plan to get you up-and-running quickly.

Integrate data

Maxwell uses your internal or external data sources as inputs. Use out-of-the-box plugins or build custom applications with our open API. Use Maxwell to analyze your data and increase your business efficiency like no other system can.

Increase profit

Get real business outcomes with a range of solutions across your value chain. Embed data-driven decision-making into every part of your business to lower costs and increase profits.
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Quickly realize significant return on investments

Cost Reduction

Rightsize your assets and forecast load on your infrastructure
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Maximize your return on assets
Create simulations to determine the implications of changes to your infrastructure
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Predict future resource needs, and minimize potential failures bottlenecks
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Keep your business running
Minimize potential risks by simulating failures and optimal recovery scenarios
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Meet Maxwell

The Distributed AI Platform for the Edge

Forecast load and resource requirements

Failure prediction

Load Simulation and Resilience Checks

We deliver ML/AI compute applications for Infrastructure Companies to scale their deployments at the Edge

A distributed platform to predict conditions in your distributed infrastructure

  • Avoid service outages due to under-provisioning.
  • Check the resiliency of your distributed IT and OT (Operational Technology).
  • Connect data available at the edges of your network to achieve business goals.

Maxwell enables your distributed enterprise to capitalize on predictive operations

Start your journey with Maxwell

Request a demo or talk to one of our experts to learn how you can leverage the power of your data to decrease business costs, and increase performance, resilience, and profits. Using our step-by-step Customer Discovery Session, we’ll plan and implement your customized solution to gain invaluable insights from your data to save you money and improve your operational efficiency.
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