Increase Resilience and lower operational costs for the modern operator

Capacity Planning

Customers and users demand high Quality of Experience (QoE) of modern operators - Data Centers, internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery networks (CDNs), mobile operators and Telcos. And they have strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure they deliver on them.

To deliver on these QoE expectations and SLAs, most companies over provision their network to ensure they meet those requirements. But that locks up a significant amount of capital that could be used for better purposes.

Maxwell’s machine learning, closed-loop platform enables successful companies like yours to provision where and when needed to lower their overall infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while at the same time delight their customers and users.

Service Resilience

Network attacks, site outages, network link cuts, and other such disasters happen whether we like it or not. But network applications and network traffic need to continue to route traffic to customers and users even when the infrastructure is hampered by misfortune.

Maxwell performs continuous simulations of potential failures and identifies risks to your network performance and potential impacts to Quality of Experience.

Maxwell’s Application Resilience Meter enables your operations teams and business leaders to measure risk and your opportunity costs to determine the most cost effective ways to increase your network resilience.

Infrastructure Availability

How do you ensure that infrastructure will be always available?

What is the cost of adding another level of availability?

Maxwell can help

From routers, to network links, to CDN servers, Maxwell learns behavioral patterns of important metrics such as round trip latency, re-buffering, throughput, and 500 and 408 error counts, all based on historical data gathered from your existing monitoring services (e.g.Nagios). These are correlated and used to create insightful forecasts to help you deliver on committed SLAs, plan for site or equipment outages, simulate adding new customer demand or identify unused network infrastructure.

Why Maxwell?

With the predictive power of machine learning coupled with the wealth of data you have at your disposal, your operational teams can draw valuable insights and meet your company’s KPIs.

Our applications generate precise forecasts generated from data collection pipelines that tap into your monitoring systems or directly into your routers, switches, network elements anywhere in the world.

With these forecasts, Maxwell empowers companies like yours to reliably and efficiently deliver network applications reliably and cost effectively to users in corporate, industrial, personal networks and to the far reaches of the Edge.

Your Journey

What can Maxwell do for forward-thinking businesses?

Deliver tangible outcomes


Minimize potential risks

Simulate failures and recovery scenarios


Maximize return on assets

Forecast load and revenue potential


Get the most out of your infrastructure.

Deploy infrastructure when and where it is needed

Improve Performance

Improve performance & reduce congestion

Predict failures and minimize bottlenecks
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Case Study of Predictive Routing for an International Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Predictive Routing Case Study
Very simply, Maxwell forecasts where congestion will be and updates routing information to route traffic away from those links and avoid congestion.

Maxwell plugs into existing monitoring systems to learn network behavior and forecast growth and more importantly where congestion will occur. Maxwell plugs into existing network infrastructure to make changes in routing tables to migrate traffic.

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Case Study of Capacity Planning for international ISP

Capacity Planning & Prescriptive Operations

Maxwell’s deep learning platform is leveraged to learn past behavior of network traffic across all 150 locations and apply that learning to:

  • Plan capacity based on forecasts
  • Predict future traffic patterns
  • Route and re-route traffic in near-real-time
  • Simulate failures and impact on the network
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What is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-based competitive weapon for large-scale IT
Virtuous Cycle of Continuous Improvements
At Solecular we view IT and OT efficiency as simply a matter of planning ahead.

Meet Maxwell, the AI platform built to help you see future growth and even take actions for you autonomously .

There are a variety of applications for the Maxwell platform, but Capacity Planning is one clear fit. Maxwell can predict future resource load, like network throughput, months into the future and this enables you to invest in the right resources at the right time.

Maxwell's core value is a cycle of measuring, learning, implementing, and repeating. This can happen at different speeds for different applications - from minutes to days. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of your resources - and these can be almost any metric. Maxwell works with server resources, like CPU, memory, network, and I/O. It can just as easily work with power data for whole countries!

Maxwell builds utilization models using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, starting with raw measurements for each of these resources.
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