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What is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-based competitive weapon for large-scale IT
Virtuous Cycle of Breakthrough Improvements
At Solecular we view IT efficiency as a giant bin packing problem.

Meet Maxwell, the AI platform built to solve this problem.

Maxwell works for you to manage in detail beyond human capacity. It optimizes your infrastructure based on your goals and unique constraints, for each of your sites, every server configuration, VMs, and containers. The result? Continuously improving CapEx, OpEx, and performance according to SLAs.

Maxwell's core strategy is a cycle of rapidly measuring, learning, implementing, and repeating. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of how your workloads use server resources like CPU, memory, network, and I/O. It then uses a combination of decision support and autonomous action to save you millions of dollars in IT expenses.

Maxwell builds device utilization models using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, starting with raw measurements for each of these resources.