Make Machine Learning your competitive advantage

Maxwell is your intelligence solution to increase profit throughout your business

Optimize business operations with Maxwell

  • Leverage operational data from across your company and blend it with external data such as weather, calendar, or event information to generate optimal results throughout your entire value chain.
  • Maxwell integrates with your existing operational and business systems so that you don't need to update or replace legacy systems.
  • Use Maxwell to grow revenue, increase return on assets, and increase business resilience.

How Maxwell works

Maxwell's self-learning cycle

After we configure Maxwell to meet your business needs, Maxwell will operate in a self-learning cycle.

  1. 1.Learns historical and runtime data from your monitoring systems.
  2. 2.Forecasts load and infrastructure needs.
  3. 3.Identifies anomalies or future potential conflicts.
  4. 4.Runs simulations to understand hypothetical scenarios.
  5. 5.Interacts directly with your operations systems to decrease costs, drive performance and increase resiliency.
  6. 6.Interacts with your business applications and operation systems to make better decisions and automate operations.

Distributed mesh architecture

Maxwell learns and acts where your data lives
  • Maxwell relies on its distributed architecture to interact with your data, regardless of where it is generated or stored.
  • Maxwell can reduce your overall cost of operation.
For example:
  • No shipping volumes of data from place to place
  • Improved response time for time-sensitive applications
  • Increased resilience (there is no single-point-of-failure).

An innovative data science approach

Scale through automation
  • Maxwell automates the tuning and selection of models required to get the most accurate predictions without the need for teams of data scientists dedicated to these laborious tasks.
  • Predictions can be made by the hundreds-of-thousands — each with their own specific configurations and techniques.

Easy to get started

Easy on boarding

After a four-day Customer Discovery Session, our industry experts will configure solutions to meet your needs before, during, and after each deployment

Integrate your data

No matter how messy your data is, Maxwell transfers, transforms and unifies your data.

Prove return on investment (ROI)

Start with a proof-of-concept, then expand with each success to drive more and more value.
Learn How

What is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-based competitive weapon for large-scale IT
Virtuous Cycle of Continuous Improvements
At Solecular we view IT and OT efficiency as simply a matter of planning ahead.

Meet Maxwell, the AI platform built to help you see future growth and even take actions for you autonomously .

There are a variety of applications for the Maxwell platform, but Capacity Planning is one clear fit. Maxwell can predict future resource load, like network throughput, months into the future and this enables you to invest in the right resources at the right time.

Maxwell's core value is a cycle of measuring, learning, implementing, and repeating. This can happen at different speeds for different applications - from minutes to days. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of your resources - and these can be almost any metric. Maxwell works with server resources, like CPU, memory, network, and I/O. It can just as easily work with power data for whole countries!

Maxwell builds utilization models using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, starting with raw measurements for each of these resources.
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