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Infrastructure availability

Correlate infrastructure utilization and equipment performance to understand and forecast the availability of your assets and infrastructure.

The Maxwell Availability Meter will let your operations and business teams assess and quantify your readiness for the expected and unexpected.

Service Resilience

Maxwell forecasts service usage patterns and layer them on top of your available infrastructure to ensure resilience.

The Maxwell Resilience Meter helps service delivery teams plan for the right infrastructure needed to ensure the resilience required by all your stakeholders.

Experiment with simulations

What if you add new load to your existing services or add entirely new services?

What if you expand your infrastructure or if a component in your infrastructure fails? How will that affect your expected demand?

Use Maxwell to see how scenarios like these will affect your current service and prove whether your current infrastructure will be able to handle them.

Planning modules

Maxwell’s planning modules leverage internal and external sources of data to identify:

  • Equipment recommendations
  • Infrastructure deployment planning
  • Disaster recovery preparedness
  • Predictive maintenance

Maxwell will help you understand the impact of an unlimited set of assumptions to your costs, resilience, and performance.


Automate your operations by plugging Maxwell into your IT and operational technology (OT) systems. Maxwell will identify the most efficient configurations and will take the necessary actions to ensure that you meet your top key performance indicators (KPIs).

Augment your infrastructure at the most efficient time when you enable Maxwell to plug into your ERP systems. Maxwell will kick-off equipment purchasing requests to augment your infrastructure efficiently.

Maxwell’s control modules will help you automate your business processes and operations to maximize your profits, resilience, and performance.

Solecular makes it easy to get started with Maxwell

The Solecular team will align Maxwell with your overall business strategy and help you prioritize which use case to implement first.
Messy data? No problem. Maxwell ingests,transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results quickly.
Solutions are configured to meet your needs; each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.
Maxwell integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip-and-replace.
Explore Maxwell

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Solecular Maxwell

Efficient IT and OT with AI-driven Software as a Service

Grow Intelligently

Increase compute capacity and service levels without over-investing.

Save your company millions of dollars in CapEx by investing in the right places.

Maintain service levels by correctly forecasting growth.

Plan For Additional Load

Ensure you have enough capacity be modeling additional load -- or reserving capacity for it

Simulate additional load based on patterns of traffic. Reserve capacity for new customers. More options available!

Prepare for Failures

Maintain business continuity by planning for failures.

Ensure that surviving sites have enough capacity to deal with failures at others.