Easy to get started

Bring the power of Maxwell to your operations

Solecular makes it effortless to bring the power of Maxwell to your business

Adopting Maxwell is quick and straightforward with our onboarding process. Our subscription-based model is designed to ensure every deployment delivers a positive financial return.

The Solecular Approach


We work with your key stakeholders in a four-day pre-planned Customer Discovery Session to identify and prioritize opportunities resulting in a project and implementation plan.

Quantify opportunities

We leverage a sample of your data and build a deployment business case, based on your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Plan and kickoff

We strategically build and implement a plan that meets your project objectives.


Solecular’s team of experts helps you configure Maxwell and integrate it to work together with your systems.

Go live

Our experienced customer success team will engage regularly to ensure Maxwell is fully operational and that you are maximizing the power of your data.

Pricing structure

Our simple pricing approach is based on three factors. These are identified during the initial Customer Discovery Session with your team and ours.

Maxwell solutions

The number of solutions used

Data consumption

Based on the volume of data stored and processed by Maxwell

Onboarding & support

Custom development and any needed ongoing support

Maxwell Solutions

What Solutions do you need?
Core Features
Infrastructure Availability
Service Resilience
  • Infrastructure utilization
  • Equipment performance
  • Service or application usage
  • Infrastructure availability meter
  • Load forecasting meter
  • Service resilience meter
  • Application resilience meter
  • Simulate changes in infrastructure
  • Derive impact on your services and applications
  • Simulate changes in demand
  • Derive impact on your infrastructure
Add-on Features
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Infrastructure deployment planner
  • Disaster Recovery preparedness
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Plug into business systems
  • Automatic procurement workflow
  • Plug into operational systems
  • Automatic equipment configuration

Data consumption Levels

How much data and how frequently do you need it?
Maximum data storage:
Ingestion frequency:
4-hour windows

Support Levels

What level of support do you need?
Dedicated CSM
Included PS
5 days
12 days
Expert support
Working hours
Working hours

Easy to get started

Add value with Maxwell

We will help you identify where Maxwell can add value and build a business case that is achievable and commercially viable.

Quick results

Solecular will deploy Maxwell with a quick time-to-value. We will have your solution operational in less than six months.

Simple billing model

Solecular's commercial model is simple and transparent, with an emphasis on ensuring a tangible ROI for each solution.

Start your journey with Maxwell

Request a demo or talk to one of our experts to learn how you can leverage the power of your data to decrease business costs, and increase performance, resilience, and profits. Using our step-by-step Customer Discovery Session, we’ll plan and implement your customized solution to gain invaluable insights from your data to save you money and improve your operational efficiency.
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What is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-based competitive weapon for large-scale IT
Virtuous Cycle of Continuous Improvements
At Solecular we view IT and OT efficiency as simply a matter of planning ahead.

Meet Maxwell, the AI platform built to help you see future growth and even take actions for you autonomously .

There are a variety of applications for the Maxwell platform, but Capacity Planning is one clear fit. Maxwell can predict future resource load, like network throughput, months into the future and this enables you to invest in the right resources at the right time.

Maxwell's core value is a cycle of measuring, learning, implementing, and repeating. This can happen at different speeds for different applications - from minutes to days. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of your resources - and these can be almost any metric. Maxwell works with server resources, like CPU, memory, network, and I/O. It can just as easily work with power data for whole countries!

Maxwell builds utilization models using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, starting with raw measurements for each of these resources.
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