Increase resilience and lower operational costs for the modern Enterprise IT

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning for data centers, cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

Are you provisioning enough resources to keep them happy and are you deploying enough resources at the right time and place?
Maxwell’s machine learning, closed-loop platform enables successful companies like yours to lower their infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership and delight their customers and users.

Application Resilience

Do you know where the next bottleneck in your infrastructure will appear? Do you know when and where your next server may fail or deteriorate?

Your customers and users demand their applications to perform flawlessly even when the underlying infrastructure is hampered.

Maxwell performs continuous simulations of potential failures and identifiesrisks to application performance and any possible impacts to Quality of Experience.

Maxwell’s Application Resilience Meter enables your operations team and business leaders to weigh risks versus opportunity costs to determine the most cost effective time to service or retire your infrastructure.

Infrastructure Availability

How do you ensure that your infrastructure will be always available? What is the cost of adding another level of availability?

From serverless functions, to containers, to virtual machines, to bare metal, Maxwell learns behavioral patterns of important metrics such as CPU, memory, disk, network, and power based on historical data gathered from the field. These measurements are correlated and used to create insightful forecasts to help you deliver on committed service levels, plan for site or server outages, simulate adding new applications or customers, and identify unused infrastructure.

Why Maxwell?

With the predictive power of machine learning, your enterprise IT infrastructure can draw valuable insights from the wealth of data you have at your disposal.

Our applications use highly precise forecasts generated from data collection pipelines that tap into your monitoring systems or directly into servers, routers, cameras, sensors, and any IoT devices anywhere in the world.

With these precise forecasts, Maxwell empowers companies like yours to reliably and confidently orchestrate and run applications from on-premise infrastructure, to cloud, to multi-cloud, and to the far reaches of the Edge.

What can Maxwell do for forward-thinking businesses?

Deliver tangible outcomes


Minimize potential risks

Simulate failures and recovery scenarios


Maximize return on assets

Forecast load and revenue potential.


Get the most out of your infrastructure.

Deploy infrastructure when and where it is needed

Improve Performance

Improve performance & reduce congestion

Predict failures and minimize bottlenecks

Case study:  Resiliency for financial applications

Financial applications require high Quality of Experience by customers and users.

Maxwell integrates with IT monitoring systems to generate forecasts and analysis to find potential bottlenecks or outages that may impact experience now or in the future.

Maxwell correlates forecasts with other data sources to make more accurate predictions including event calendars and weather.

IT operations teams and business unit managers use Maxwell to:

  • Deliver application resilience
  • Increase infrastructure resilience
  • Identify equipment failures before they happen
  • Plan the best time to do equipment maintenance
  • Plan to replace equipment to maximize Return on Assets
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Case study: Capacity Planning for business using VMware

Integrate vRealize Operations (VROPS)
Maxwell seamlessly integrates with VROPS, a VMware management application for apps and infrastructure that use the VMware platform.

Maxwell automatically loads the fleet information and generates forecasts and analysis of the deployment. Maxwell correlates forecasts with other data sources to make accurate predictions including integration with Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure.

Operators use Maxwell to:

  • Identify equipment failures before they happen
  • Plan the best time to do equipment maintenance
  • Plan to replace equipment to maximize Return on Assets
  • Deliver application resilience
  • Increase infrastructure resilience
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What is Maxwell?

Maxwell is the AI-based competitive weapon for large-scale IT
Virtuous Cycle of Continuous Improvements
At Solecular we view IT and OT efficiency as simply a matter of planning ahead.

Meet Maxwell, the AI platform built to help you see future growth and even take actions for you autonomously .

There are a variety of applications for the Maxwell platform, but Capacity Planning is one clear fit. Maxwell can predict future resource load, like network throughput, months into the future and this enables you to invest in the right resources at the right time.

Maxwell's core value is a cycle of measuring, learning, implementing, and repeating. This can happen at different speeds for different applications - from minutes to days. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of your resources - and these can be almost any metric. Maxwell works with server resources, like CPU, memory, network, and I/O. It can just as easily work with power data for whole countries!

Maxwell builds utilization models using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, starting with raw measurements for each of these resources.
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