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Why AI and What is Maxwell?
Maxwell's core strategy is a cycle of rapidly measuring, learning, forecasting, and orchestrating.
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Why AI and What is Maxwell?

Artificial Intelligence ushers in fundamental changes in how software works and where it can be effective, adding the profound benefits of being able to measure, learn, model, optimize, and improve over time.

Previous generations of software gave us the ability to track information at a level of detail beyond human capacity, summarize findings for human eyes, and in some cases, provide forecasts for future outcomes. That was a good start. However, when we add AI to the mix, we have better solutions than previously possible because of the degree of precision for reporting and forecasting, and improvement over time, based on the ability to learn. AI is great for all kinds of optimization problems because of it's cycle of adjusting, measuring results, and adjusting again. We now see applications in routing, logistics, scheduling, autonomous operations, and on and on.

At Solecular we’re working to harness AI for IT. We focus on IT where you manage your own infrastructure, such as on-premise, in colocation facilities, in edge locations, or in your own data centers. With this focus, we predict what you’ll need in the future throughout your technology stack. Use Solecular to design, budget, strategize and manage with deep insight. We will also manage the placement of workloads for you, based on your business goals. 

What happens if you point artificial intelligence at the goal of saving costs while delivering great service in  IT?

AI tips the balance for what is safe and practical in IT because it can take on tasks that would require hundreds of years for humans to complete:

  1. It uses laborious modeling and forecasting techniques to recommend or autonomously select from many options based on many factors
  2. It measures results vs objectives for continuous improvement 

Applied to IT, AI is of value in its ability to very accurately forecast and manage for service level requirements, peak resource needs, and daily usage patterns.


We name our technology Maxwell. We hope the name “Maxwell” evokes the image of a friendly, helpful butler that is ready to help optimize your data center infrastructure. The name is inspired by Maxwell’s Equations for Electricity and Magnetism; in our case, Maxwell is here to improve efficiency in IT.

Maxwell's core strategy is a cycle of rapidly measuring, learning, modeling, and optimizing. Maxwell forms a deep understanding of how your workloads use server resources like CPU, memory, I/O, and power. It then uses a combination of decision support and autonomous action to save you millions of dollars in IT expenses.

We are pointing Maxwell at optimizing how you manage containers and VMs, configure hardware, and finally, IT at edge infrastructures.

Maxwell drives significant business benefits in cost and time savings.

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