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ROI Calculator for a Well Packed Rack
This feature saves an estimated $30 million for a site with 100,000 servers
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ROI Calculator for a Well Packed Rack

l start this post with a conclusion, then explain assumptions and use cases.  


A typical IT infrastructure that is growing, with 100,000 servers at present, saves about $30 million per year in combined OpEx and amortized CapEx when they implement our Rack Packing feature. Or, with 100 servers, savings would be $36,000 per year. 

A quick reminder. Maxwell's Rack Packing feature gives you rack level peak power forecasts you need so you can pack your racks with more devices, yet know that the racks won't exceed circuit limits at peak power. More devices per rack means fewer racks, which reduces several associated expenses.

Assumptions and Logic

We make some assumptions regarding how many more systems you can add per rack based on our experience. You can adjust those assumptions based on your own estimate, or we could run a pilot to get some measurements for you.

We assume the team would otherwise purchase more racks to accommodate growth, and used the typical IT organization’s operating and capital costs for each rack. 

If you are not growing but rather looking to cut costs, you can still save a significant amount of OpEx in many cases.

The calculator could be modified if you apply the same Maxwell Rack Packing feature to a variety of goals.

How are people using this?

  • Planning new expansions
  • Figuring out how to avoid new expansions
  • Negotiating with colos

Request the ROI calculator and try it yourself. Adjust assumptions to match what’s unique to your case. Then let us know what you find!

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