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Release Announcement
Rack Limit Reports and Much More
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Release Announcement! Rack Limit Reports and Much More

Hello Friends of Solecular,

Today we announce Solecular Release 1.2, with more ways than ever for using AI to cut costs while improving service levels in your IT infrastructure.

Solecular Release 1.2 includes many of the features you requested:

Rack Limit Reporting

As you add devices to your IT infrastructure, eliminate the need to pay for racks and associated equipment and power. Instead, identify existing racks that have the excess energy and power needed for your new devices.

  • Easily find racks with capacity for more devices using Rack Limit Reports.
  • View Rack Limit Reports by amps or watts.
  • Set rack limits site wide or per rack, and  by amps or watts.

Power and Energy Forecasts by Device Type

Make the best purchase decisions for new servers or storage devices based on data.  See power and energy use forecasts for the devices you now have so you know which perform best under your unique constraints.

  • View forecasts by make, model, age, department, and location, and by amps, watts, and dollars as appropriate.
  • Forecasts include peak power, energy consumption, and device utilization.

IPMI Support So You Can Measure Devices Directly

KiwiMon can now connect directly to devices via IPMI, augmenting PDUs as information sources.

Budget More Effectively by Viewing Cost Reports

In addition to power usage by watts, you can now see many charts by Cost. Specify your billing rates in the Settings page. We’ve implemented this feature for metered billing models. Please send your billing model requests.

To take advantage of these new features, you’ll need to update your version of KiwiMon. Hit reply or send a note to to get the update.

Thank you for your business and for your many excellent feature requests!


Brian Atwood

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