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Maxwell Packs the Racks
Unfilled racks equate to wasted capex and opex
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Maxwell Packs the Racks

Our CEO, Sri, has been a big advocate of “Genchi Genbutsu”. That is Japanese for “go and see” and it is a key to good design.

We visited IT infrastructures of all shapes and sizes. Large consumer clouds, universities, colleges, state government, corporate IT, startups.   One topic came up more than any other. The rack! Also known as the cabinet.

The topic surfaced as a handful of frustrations.

  • Customers must leave racks unfilled to avoid the risk of overloading circuits, which equates to wasted capex and opex:
“Our racks have gaping holes. We can’t fill them! Every rack costs me $30,000 but they sit there, partially filled, as we expand and add more. There’s no better, practical way to be absolutely sure we stay within circuit limits.”
  • Grueling manual labor to optimize the number of racks and power per rack:
“It takes a whole lot of manual work to figure out where to add a new device in our data centers. Our workers run from PDU to PDU to see how much power each cabinet is using. We then manually compare to pick the lowest power rack. We hope the power measurement we see at that moment in time accurately represent what’s really going on.”
  • Paying double for power per rack due to the inability to predict peak needs:
“My small MSP only uses one rack per colo, and it’s only half filled. But I may have to spend twice as much on power as needed, because I can’t accurately predict power requirements.”
  • Not knowing a rack has exceeded its circuit limit until there’s a big problem:
“What I really need is a warning ahead of time, not a notification that my systems have already tripped the circuit and all devices are now down!”

Introducing Rack Packing

We are excited to roll out a new feature we call “Rack Packing”.  The feature allows you to eliminate problems like the ones we listed above.

Our unique offering here is that Maxwell can predict future peaks so you know how much more equipment each rack can handle and whether any of your racks are approaching their limits. This gives you the option to optimize how you fill your racks much more precisely.

  • Save the cost of whole new racks by using the ones you already have
  • Minimize labor by letting Maxwell do the readings and reporting
  • Avoid unnecessary add-on power fees
  • Keep all your systems running happily and below their rack’s circuit breaker limits

Not only can you see peak power per rack from the past, but you can see what it will be in the future.

You can set power limits per rack and then see how close to the limits your racks are getting at peak. As we progress we’ll add alerts and even more prediction features that show just what date you’ll need to take action.

Give it a try! Contact us today to start a pilot, learn more, or give us your rack packing wish list.